Today is World Water Day,  which highlights the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The theme changes each year, and this year it’s “Valuing Water for a Resilient Future.”

A new United Nations report has warned of a potential global water crisis, and we believe that businesses in the food and drink sector can address risks related to water scarcity through more sustainable practices. Scarcity of water is driven by demand exceeding supply, damaged infrastructure, or institutions failing to balance the needs of industry, agriculture and human populations. 

Water is vital for all agricultural and horticultural businesses. As the world continues to heat and we see more droughts globally and also here in the UK & Ireland, we need to do our bit.

  • Mushrooms are one of the most sustainable food sources in the world and are produced with precision farming, leading to zero waste and low emissions. 
  • Agriculture is one of the leading uses of water, but 1 lb of mushrooms only requires only 8 litres of water, in comparison to other vegetables this is incredibly minimal (e.g. Tomato: 118 litres, Lettuce: 127 Litres, Cucumber: 190 Litres)
  • Part of a circular growing economy, they utilise waste from other agricultural practices to form compost and after production, that spent compost is used for other purposes. 
  • We use local products and our farms continually invest in energy efficiency.

Mushrooms produce a high yield, nutritious food source that makes them one of the most sustainable choices.