White Cup

White mushrooms have a mild, earthy flavour that makes them ideal for all sorts of meals.

They’re delicious fried up in butter and served as a side dish, or added to stews and pasta dishes.

White Baby Button

These small, bite sized mushrooms are picked before they grow into full white cups.

Packed with flavour and can be added to meals without chopping.

White Flat

The final flush of the crop is the white flat. The white mushroom cup opens up, creating a wide, flat mushroom with a full flavour.

Perfect for stuffing with cheese or garlic and cooking under the grill.

Chestnut Cups

Chestnut mushrooms have a darker colour than whites, and have a more earthy flavour and firmer texture.

Use them in the same way that you would use white mushrooms.


Portobello mushrooms have a dense earthy flavour and meaty texture. With their large open cup and flat appearance, they’re delicious grilled whole.

They add a richness to all sorts of meals and are an excellent meat alternative.


Smaller than a Portobello mushroom, Portebellini are favoured by some for their small size, rich flavour and versatility.

Delicious fried up with thick crusty bread and eggs.

White / Chestnut Mechanically Harvested

We supply both white and chestnut mushrooms that are mechanically harvested.

White Chestnut Sliced and Washed

Our white and chestnut mushrooms can be bought washed and sliced, making them a convenient alternative for busy mid-week meals.


Shiitake mushrooms have a light woodsy flavour and are commonly used in Asian cooking.

They have a meaty texture and a rich, umami flavour that is a real treat.

Oyster Mushrooms

An ear-like silvery grey or greyish-brown mushroom that grows in clumps or clusters. They have a subtle flavour and are often used in Asian cooking.