Working together for a more sustainable mushroom industry

For consumers, farmers, and workers

Consumption of mushrooms has outperformed many other fresh produce categories, but the benefit of this increased opportunity has gone as much to overseas suppliers as UK suppliers.

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12 million kg of mushrooms marketed each year

Filling in excess of 30 million KG of compost per annum

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An essential ingredient

Mushrooms are one of the few foods that provide that unique ‘umami’ flavour that is loved by chefs and the everyday cook at home. They add a richness and depth of flavour to meals, while also being fat free and loaded with goodness. We’re passionate about spreading the word about this amazing food!


We're stronger together

Competing in a national market is challenging when you’re a single farmer, with competition from all over the UK and further afield.  When we work together, we strengthen our competitive edge through improving the quality of our produce and the processes that make us more efficient, more sustainable and improve the industry.


State of the art facilities

To grow mushrooms, conditions have to be just right. Temperature, humidity, pest control and other processes have to be carefully controlled. We continually work to improve every part of the process, from composting to packing. 

Our sites are located all across the UK meaning we have good access to our suppliers.