When you join Mushroom PO you will become part of a collective of growers who work together to meet common goals.

By working together, our members share expertise, experience and knowledge to make the industry better for everyone, at every stage of the supply chain. 

Our members benefit from support in four key areas:

Technical training and support

On-farm investment

Planning and production support

Collective marketing for the mushroom category

We are founded on a belief that we’re stronger together. Many of our growers run family-owned farms, many who have multiple generations of experience. Within the PO, we have the wealth of knowledge and experience to face any problem head-on. 

Or members can avail of tailored support for all sorts of business needs, from Health & Safety training to business planning that would otherwise be too costly. We run regular farm walks and workshops and invest in the promotion of mushrooms though targeted marketing activities.

One of the biggest benefits of joining is the continual investment in improving our production facilities and infrastructure.

Working as a collective means that we all benefit from our combined efforts and have the power of a large organisation, with all the benefits of growing in smaller farms.