Like woolly jumpers, crunchy leaves and talk of the night’s drawing in, mushrooms are a ubiquitous symbol of autumn.

Naturally growing in the wild during Autumn, it’s common to see forests, roadsides and even gardens full of all sorts of fungi. But unless you’re an expert forager, these should never be eaten! Luckily, we can indulge in the draw of this seasonal ingredient all year round, as the mushrooms sold in the supermarkets are grown indoors in controlled conditions that mimic a perfect autumnal day.

But there’s something about this time of year specifically that calls for the sort of wholesome, homecooked meals that mushrooms work perfectly in.

Here are our top picks.

Cheesy autumn mushrooms

All it takes is five minutes to serve up this tasty dish using large portabello mushrooms.

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Creamy Pasta with Crispy Mushrooms

Use whatever sort of mushrooms you want, or a mix of different varieties, to cook up this indulgent dinner.


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Mushroom stroganoff

Packed with flavour, this wholesome meal is perfect for a blustery autumn evening.

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Mushroom soup

No autumn meal plan would be complete without soup, and this one is bursting with garlic and cream for a belly-warming treat.

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