We are delighted to announce that Chris McCallum has joined the Mushroom Producer Organisation as our new General Manager.

Over the last two years, Chris worked as part of the Interreg VA funded Bryden Centre at Letterkenny Institute of Technology with a focus on bio energy. He worked on a number of projects while there including a life cycle assessment of renewable energy deployments, valorisation of biomass and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. During this time he was also part of a Gas Networks Ireland project to determine the viability of a virtual gas grid for North West Ireland and the H2020 funded TAIODE project performing an LCA on the deployment of ORPC RivGen in Alaska.

Chris completed a BEng in Chemical Engineering before completing an MPhil in the extraction of fatty acids and flavourings from waste biomass. Following this he completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering with a focus on using intermittent renewable energy to improve valorisation of materials before working as part of a CASE NI funded project to lower emissions from dual fuel (methane and diesel) vehicles.

Chris has a huge amount of expertise to offer the mushroom industry, helping us push forward in a way that is focused, strategic and with the highest levels of scientific knowledge.

Welcome to the team, Chris!